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Alaska Commercial Construction was founded in 2004 with the goal of becoming the premier custom commercial building Company in Fairbanks. It was and is the idea that having personnel with extensive background in private, state and federal commercial contracts as well as excellent professional relationships with qualified Architects, Engineers and Lending Institutions would give Alaska Commercial Construction the Solid Foundation needed to accomplish these goals that we have set out for.

With a good reputation in the community and a personal commitment and determination to achieve these goals, we have strived to make careful decisions that allow us to fluctuate with our ever-changing economy. We have implemented this by keeping overhead expenses to a minimum, being extremely selective in the projects that we take on, providing attentive supervision to each phase of our projects, and then careful review of completed projects so as to maximize profitability. This has not only allowed us to be competitive in the bid process but also to provide competitive wages to each one of our valued employees, the life of any successful company.


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